Lent at HTHQ

Lent begins on Wednesday 17th February (Ash Wednesday). You can find more details about our services, groups and resources on the Lent 2021 page. This includes links to resources such as:

  • For Such A Time As This: A Lent Course exploring ecological justice, from USPG.
  • Lent Poetry Challenge: Zoom sessions to read and discuss poems together following Malcolm Guiteā€™s book Word in the Wilderness.
  • Come And See: An invitation to everyone and anyone who feels adrift in this pandemic, whether or not they know anything about the Christian faith.
  • Growing Back Better: A Lent Retreat, run by Pray as you Go in collaboration with Sacred Space.
  • Prayers for Hope and Healing: A contemplative prayer gathering meeting weekly on Thursdays at 8.30pm during Lent.
  • Live Lent: Lent resources from the Church of England, including an app for phones and tablets, and the Daily Hope phone line.

It will also be updated with our Lent online services as they become available.