Electoral Roll Update 2022

What is the church electoral roll? And what is it for?

There is another Annual Parochial Church Meeting coming – in May – so again we are revising our Electoral Roll. But what is it and why do we need one?

You should join the Roll if you consider yourself a part of our Church community, and particularly if you would like to be actively involved in the running of our affairs, as only those on the Roll are eligible for election. Anyone over the age of 16 who lives within the parish boundaries can be on the roll. If you live outside the parish (you can ask me where the boundaries are) you can join if you attend church here.

The electoral roll lists names and postal addresses, and email address if you choose to give it. The full roll is kept by the electoral roll officer and available to clergy and parish workers to assist in their pastoral work. Just before the annual meeting a list – of names only – is displayed in church so that you can check your name is there. Otherwise the roll is kept confidential, and is not passed to any other part of the Church of England, or to anyone else.

However, the parish’s electoral roll is an important tool. It helps us to see how many people consider themselves part of our community, and where they live. The changes year by year help us to monitor our membership and plan our activities. And because it tells us how many members we have, we use it to give this number to the  local and national church, which in turn forms the national statistics and confirms our parish’s rights and duties in the wider church. So it is important that everyone’s presence is recorded. You can join the roll at any time, but now is a good time because I shall be revising the roll over the next few weeks in readiness for the annual meeting. Between April 25th and the meeting the roll will be closed, so please let me have your application before 25th April if you want to be able to vote at  the annual meeting. There are paper forms in church and the form is on the church website, so if you wish you can send it electronically. Please get in touch if you need any help or further information.

Joan Jones
Electoral Roll Officer