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Margaret and Mike Stranks

Margaret and Mike are now well-settled in the village of Quenington, near Bibury, where they moved from Headington in February 2016.

They’re both very involved in their local parish of three churches where Margaret is a member of the Pastoral Care Group and, having completed Diocesan training, Mike is now an authorised worship leader for the parish and other nearby churches, both taking non-sacramental services on his own and assisting clergy at others.

Margaret is a leading light in organising the annual village fete and she also volunteers once a week in the community stores and post office. Mike is still busy with all things sound and has helped several churches and a local business with upgrading their sound systems. He also spent some time working with a local community radio station. They’re both involved in the village community speedwatch scheme which, in conjunction with the police, aims to discourage motorists from speeding through the village.

One of their growing activities is a community website which seeks to reflect the life of the local community. See for yourself at www.whichq.net.

They love their life in the Cotswolds and are always happy to welcome visitors.