Eco Church


What is Eco Church?

Eco Church is an award scheme and tool to help churches address environmental issues in all that they do – in spiritual, practical and mission areas. There are three stages to taking part:

  1. Carry out a “Church Check-up” to celebrate good practice which is already happening, highlight areas for improvement and work out a plan of action.
  2. Implement the plan of action. Resources are available from Eco Church to help with this.
  3. If successful in the above, get the award!

What have we done so far in Holy Trinity?

In Holy Trinity the Eco Church group have carried out the Church Check-up, which has revealed that we are already doing a lot to address environmental issues in many areas of the church’s life.
Some of these are shown on the diagram below – this is far from comprehensive but gives a flavour of the sort of things that are going on. Many of them will be familiar but you probably don’t know about all of them – we didn’t!