The heads

Spot the Head

Eleven human heads, two angels, two animals, and countless acanthus leaves look down from the base of various arches in and outside Holy Trinity. Put it another way: 4 crowned kings, 4 mitred bishops, 2 laymen, 1 woman, 1 monkey, and 1 spaniel (or is it a rabbit?) have spent the last 167 years gazing – rather gloomily for the most part – onto the worshippers and grave stones of Holy Trinity. It’s possible some of the exterior acanthus leaves replace heads that crumbled away: we have no records of who carved these fine, sharply characterised faces or whether they are portraits.

Outside: 7 (including porch)

Inside: 6

= 11 human heads + 2 animal heads + 2 angels = 15 carvings with faces

carving-1: chancel right
carving-2: chancel left
carving-3: chancel angel left
carving-4: chancel angel right
carving-5: sanctuary left
carving-6: sanctuary right
carving-7: east window arch
carving-8: by organ
carving-9: Acanthus north wall
carving-10: Acanthus north wall wider shot
carving-11: external south wall
Carving-12: external south wall
carving-13: porch right
Carving-14: porch left
carving-15: external east wall left
carving-16: external east wall right

Carving 17 External west wall – one head

carving-1: chancel right Chancel arch.

carving-2: chancel right. King

3 & 4 are angels on either side of the chancel

Left hand angel. Praise ye the Lord

Right hand angel. Alleluia

Carving 5 Chancel/Altar, left. Young king

Carving-6: sanctuary right Possibly a cleric and wearing a bishop’s crown?

Carving-8: by organ Weeping at the Passion

Carving-11: external south wall. Cleric

Carving-12: external south wall. Man or monkey?

Carving-13: porch right. Cleric

Carving-14: porch left. King

Carving-15: external east wall left. King

Carving-16: external east wall right. Queen