Electoral Roll Update 2024

Electoral roll revision before the Annual meeting

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting is coming upon us again. This AGM for our parish gives us the chance to review the past year, look ahead to the year to come, and elect the people who will take part in the making of decisions on parish matters. Everyone is welcome to attend, but if you wish to vote or to stand for office you need to be on the parish electoral roll, our list of voting members.

The electoral roll also lets us know how many members we have, which is useful in all kinds of ways. So please consider joining if you consider yourself part of our community but are not yet on the roll.

If you are already on the roll, have you moved house in the last year? If so, please let me know.

Is there anyone who needs to be removed from the roll, because they have died or moved away? If so, please let me know.

Are you not on the roll, but you would like to be? Please pick up an application from the church, or download it from the church website, fill it in and return it, either to church or direct to me, either physically or by email – you can fill in and return the form electronically, it doesn’t need a physical signature if you return it by email.

I’m also pleased to answer any questions you may have – I can even tell you whether you live inside or outside the parish boundaries!

The roll has to be closed for some weeks before the annual meeting, so please ensure that any applications or other changes are notified to me before 21 April 2024.

Thank you.

Joan Jones
Electoral Roll Officer
3 New Cross Road Headington OX3 8LP