Electoral Roll Update September 2020

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting, which due to circumstances was not held in April, will be taking place online in October.

Although the annual revision of the roll took place in April, we are therefore legally required to ensure that the parish Electoral Roll is up to date. If you or anyone you know is not on the roll and would like to be, please complete an application form. The form is on the Church website, or if you contact me I can provide you with a form. Completed forms may be returned by email, or printed and sent to me.

Please ensure that this is done by Wednesday 30th September. The amended roll (names only) will be displayed in the church from 4th October.

If you have any concerns please also contact me.

Joan Jones

Electoral Roll Officer

Email: electoralroll@hthq.uk

3 New Cross Road OX3 8LP 07710611250