Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Married at Holy Trinity

Q         Who can get married at Holy Trinity?
A          Most people who live in our parish or have a significant connection with our church are entitled to be married in Holy Trinity. If you think your case may be in some way exceptional, please see below and to be sure, check with the vicar.

Q         I am divorced. Can we still get married at Holy Trinity?
A          The Church of England is happy to conduct marriages of divorced people at the Vicar’s discretion. You will need to discuss this with the Vicar.

Q         One or both of us is not a British citizen. Could this be a problem?
A          Not necessarily. Again, for the current position please check with the Vicar

Q         What does it cost?
A         This depends on the various components. In 2011 the maximum is around £600, but would depend on such factors as whether you want to have a choir, want a video licence. If you want to hire the Coach House (nearby function rooms, which can be hired, in this case for guests to use the facilities and car park) this would be extra.

Q         How do we apply?
A          You should fill out our enquiry form, contact us or phone the Parish Office (01865 762931), preferably on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning between 9.00 and 12.00.

Q         When will we meet the clergy who will marry us?
A          A meeting will be set up with the Vicar or her assistant priest as soon as possible after you get in touch. The decision on who will take your marriage service will be taken in February of the year of your wedding.

Q         Is there a marriage preparation course, and if so, what form does it take?
A          We run a course each year, usually a 3-hour meeting in early Spring.  The clergy take couples through the marriage service, then we divide into small groups, each led by a couple from the parish who facilitate discussion on various topics. Usually we are joined by the organist and a representative from the flower arranging team who explain what they can do for you, and answer preliminary questions. We are told this meeting is very useful and enjoyable, and provides an opportunity for you to get to know other couples about to get married at Holy Trinity and discuss issues relating to your marriage and your future together. Nearer the time each couple will have a further meeting with the clergy who will conduct their marriage service.

Q         Is a rehearsal necessary?
A          To ensure proceedings go as smoothly as possible on the day, we advise having a rehearsal with as many of the key players present as possible. This will be arranged by you and the clergy marrying you.

Q         We don’t know much about church music. Is there anyone who can help us?
A          Our organist has plenty of ideas. You might also like to check out the Church of England web site, which is a mine of information:

Q         Does the church provide the flowers or do we?
A          There are many options. You can provide your own flowers and arrange them yourselves, engage the services of a florist, or ask our team of flower arrangers to do this for you. They will want to discuss possibilities and your budget.  They will purchase the flowers on your behalf, alternatively, some brides have enjoyed buying their flowers themselves wholesale (e.g. at Covent Garden or Birmingham Flower market), in which case our flower arrangers can advise on appropriate quantity and ways of conditioning the flowers. They can also suggest what flowers to look for according to the season and your preferences. This can save you a fortune, and is great fun!

Q         Is the service absolutely standard or can different words be used?
A          There is a fixed service which we have to use by law but there are many options for readings, music, hymns and other ideas you can discuss with the clergy. We are very keen that this should be your wedding and that it should feel very personal to you. Couples sometimes ask members of their families or friends to read.

Q         We have friends who are very musical. Would it be OK for them to play and/or sing?
A          Again, this is very much encouraged, and we will be delighted to discuss your choices, give examples of what other couples have done etc.

Q         My partner does not think it is appropriate for her father to give her away.  Is that something that has to happen in a church wedding?
A          This is something you are free to decide according to your personal preferences and circumstances.

Q         Is there parking near the church?
A          To be sure of current regulations, check the parking signs.  On Saturdays there is parking on Quarry Road and surrounding roads; mid-week, time restrictions apply. In general, it is best to advise guests to park at the Quarry Road end of the church path and not at the Trinity Road end where there is very limited space available (other than the bridal party). However, booking the Coach House for long-distance guests to use the facilities after their journey means you can use the Coach House car park, which has a dozen or so spaces.

Another alternative that has been very popular at some weddings is to suggest that guests park at the reception venue, then arrange for a coach to bring them to the church and back to the reception venue.

Q         How many people does the church hold?
A          160 comfortably. 180 if we squash up in the pews. 200 if a few are willing to stand!

Q         What exactly are the banns?
A          Banns are a legal requirement for a marriage in church. They are read out in church on three Sundays, announcing the couple’s intention to get married, and include an invitation to those hearing the banns to make known any reason why the couple should not marry. Objections would be most unusual! The banns are read in the parish in which the couple will marry, and if different, also in the parish(es) in which they live, with a fee payable to each parish.

Q         What would happen if two couples wanted to get married at Holy Trinity on the same day?
A          If this happens we time the marriages to allow a sufficient gap between departure of the last guests from the first wedding and the arrival of people getting ready for the later one. Under such circumstances brides can agree to have their own flowers in church, or to combine on flowers.

Q         Does the church print the Order of Service?
A          No. However, the clergy marrying you will discuss the content with you, and will ask to see a copy of the Order of Service before you have it printed. This enables them to check it and make sure the marriage service will go smoothly.

Q         Can we have a photographer/ take photographs in church?
A          Yes, but we suggest that anyone taking photographs should act as discreetly as possible in order not to distract you and your guests.

Q         What about making a video of the service?
A          That is fine, but involves an additional fee payable to the organist as the service is then classified as a performance.

Q         We have heard that sometimes copyright has to be paid for use of the hymns and other music. Is this true?
A          Good question! The organist will be able to give guidance on this. Many hymns are out of copyright and for these there is nothing to pay.

Q         Is confetti frowned upon?
A           Here again, check with the clergy for current practice.

Q         Can we arrange for a peal of bells?
A          Unfortunately the church only has two bells. We would normally ring them both for a wedding.


If you want to contact us about getting married at Holy Trinity please fill out the form below or contact us .