In light of the changes brought about by Covid-19, we have paused the publication of our parish magazine, and we are trying an online method of sharing news and stories about church life. The first of these newsletters was sent out in August 2020.

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Newsletter Policy

Would you like to contribute a short piece of text (with a photo, if relevant) for the parish newsletter? Contributions of no more than 300 words should meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Review or promotion of a church service, event or connected activity.
  2. Discussion of an event or activity taking place within the parish.

Decisions about which contributions the newsletter can include will be made by the editor in consultation with the vicar as needed.

The deadlines are 10th of each month (except for the June 2021 newsletter, for which the deadline is 15 June).

Please send contributions to We welcome your feedback and suggestions for other items the newsletter could include.