Good Intentions

Intent on being upbeat
on not feeling down,
what a chance it presented
when they declared the lockdown.

I started a list
of the things I could do
nothing too straining
just one or two.

Number one I could clean
all the shelves in the kitchen
I started, but was waylaid
by the book I am reading.

Passed the first Spanish lesson,
and on to the second,
then willpower failing-
my crossword book beckoned.

Now out in the garden
I’ll clear out the weeds
but under the apple tree
were two garden seats.

So much nicer to sit here,
to put up my feet
I’ll read one more chapter,
out here on the seat.

In the kitchen the oven
needs a good clean,
I began, but there’s a box set
that I haven’t seen.

I really must leave
the addictive box set
and sort clothes for Oxfam
I’ve never worn yet.

No, Oxfam is closed,
I’ll do patience on line,
then a nice cup of tea
on the seat will be fine.

Sarah Worster