Update from The Children’s Society

The Covid-19 Crisis looks to be with us for some time to come.  Every childhood has been disrupted by these challenging times.  At The Children’s Society, we are not stepping back in our fight for change for young people, right now we will work with our partners to step up.  I know this is an anxious time for all of us, which is why I wanted to reach out and share with you exactly what we at The Children’s Society are doing to support those vulnerable children and young people who need it most.

The coronavirus has disrupted all our lives, but it has trapped vulnerable children at home, hidden from view and away from vital support. They’re all alone, trying to cope with their mental health problems, their fears and uncertainties, their abusers.

In the current situation, giving these children help is more vital than ever. Being able to talk with someone they trust can literally save their lives. That’s why despite everything, our practitioners are making sure they’re still there for young people. They’re speaking with children on the phone, delivering vital care packages, and calling emergency services when the child is at high risk or too scared to do it themselves.

Our practitioner has shared ‘Young people are going to need more support to get them back to where they were before all this happened. We are the place that they can turn to.’

Emergency Appeal

Yesterday, we launched an emergency appeal. Together we can give these forgotten children an urgent lifeline to the support they need right now, by helping keep us connected with the ones that need us the most. To find out more about this appeal please visit https://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/lifeline and then I would urge you to share this link with your networks.  


We are grateful for the support you and the communities you serve give us throughout the year. In this time of crisis, we would ask that you continue to hold us and the most vulnerable children and young people in our country in your thoughts and prayers.  We have a prayer specifically written for our time of crisis:

A prayer for the work of The Children’s Society in a time of coronavirus

God of compassion,

at this time of crisis,

we bring before you the peoples of our country and the world.

We ask for your blessing and strength for those working tirelessly to protect and save life.

We pray especially for vulnerable children and young people who are at greater risk during this time:

those who are not safe at home;

those who may be plunged into even greater poverty;

those whose fragile mental health may worsen;

those who feel abandoned and alone.

Draw near to all who suffer in mind, body or spirit.

We also pray for staff of The Children’s Society as they find new ways to support these young people in challenging circumstances.

Please bless their efforts and keep all with whom we work safe from harm.

We ask this in the precious name of Jesus.


Raising the profile of Children’s Voices

CEO of The Children’s Society, Mark Russell, has met with the Minister for Children and Families, along with the General of the Department of Education and other major children’s charities to discuss the increasing risks on vulnerable children. 

Find Covid-19 Information and Support


We have a dedicated hub on our website designed to inform how we are here for vulnerable young people.  A challenge like Coronavirus means young people may need support in new and different ways.  We will do everything in our power to make sure we can be there and give them the support they need.  Do take a look at the excellent site, read what a young person, Tilly, has made of the crisis, and share. 

The site provides excellent advice for children and young people (and for us adults!) on

–       Anxiety

–       Depression and Mood

–       Loneliness – something which many will experience as a result of social distancing

–       OCD – heightened by the current infection risks

–       Isolation and Copying

–       Self Care

–       Emotional Resilience

–       Mental Resilience

–       Stress

–       Sleep

–       Supporting Friends

–       Social Media


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