“Your Parish needs you!”

Running the parish requires money: money coming in from the church community and going out to suppliers and in fulfilment of the church’s mission.

The Treasurer is responsible for managing that money. The PCC is setting up a new team to provide the functions that make up the total job of Treasurer.

Treasury team leader (Treasurer)

Responsible for:

reporting to the PCC on the finances of the parish;

producing and managing the parish budget;

producing reports as required by other church bodies (deanery and diocese);

representing the parish on financial matters.

Income controllers

The income controllers are responsible for:

recording all income received by the church, such as donations, fees, grants;

banking all cash and cheques received by the church;

providing the accounts controller with a spreadsheet of income received by the church (this is an extension of the vestry sheet).

It is prudent that there be at least two income controllers.

Expense controllers

The expense controllers are responsible for:

paying invoices presented to the church;

transferring via the bank account all monies as appropriate to the Diocese or other church bodies.

It is necessary for managing payments through the bank account that there are at least two expense controllers.

Accounts controller

The accounts controller is responsible for:

running the accounts system using information received from the income and expense controllers;

producing reports needed by other members of the treasury team and the PCC.

Planned giving officer

The planned giving officer is responsible for helping people set up standing orders to make regular payments, managing the CGC and claiming back from HMRC Gift Aid related payments.


If you are interested in joining the team, contact contact the wardens.