Local volunteers during Covid-19 crisis

Volunteers and Street champions are needed in Barton and Wood Farm

Headington Action is in touch with many groups across NE Oxford who are providing support during the current crisis. It is heartening to see such individual and community spirit.

The Oxford Hub is recruiting and coordinating volunteers across the city. There are two roles:

· ‘Street Champions’ who coordinate support on your local street;

· Local volunteers who provide support such as picking up prescriptions of doing some shopping or maybe a friendly phone call to a neighbour.

A brief description of the two roles can be seen here https://oxfordtogether.org/faq

In our area of the city, more practical volunteers and street champions are needed in Barton and Wood Farm. If you would like to volunteer for one of these roles then go to www.oxfordtogether.org , click the “give support” button, and then select either the “be a practical volunteer” or “be a street champion” on the next screen.

If you or anyone you know requires immediate help then phone the City Council help line on 01865 249811

Headington Action